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Hi! I'm Ellie! I am a busy mom of 3 and multi passionate entrepreneur! I am the creator of Tools for Transformation Coaching, my personal brand, and the Founder of Balance & Breath Yoga and Wellness located in Plainfield, IN. 

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My Story

Life is hard sometimes and I am thankful for the tools I have in my tool box. Years of learning, coaching, and teaching supported me through the biggest challenge of my life.  I know these tools can help many, in many different ways, but after experiencing my own earth shaking tragedy I know have the embodiment and proof these tools work on an even deeper level.

 After loosing my 20 year old son in a car accident in 2021, I have decided to use my coaching, Nero, and yoga knowledge to help others release the trauma of loosing a loved one and move through grief in a healthy way, building a new life they love with hope! 
The tools I have studied and worked with over the last several years are the same tools that helped me achieve the success and happiness I have today. I share these tools in service and with passion to help other females rise above their own setbacks, and self limiting beliefs, eliminate unwanted habits, and work through past traumas. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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